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About us

Cartek is engaging in auto parts industry for more than 20 years. With perfect factory management and strong technical strength, our factories have become a supporting suppliers for some domestic OEM&OES business. Each year, 85% of its products are sold to customers in more than 60 countries and regions.

Cartek filters include air filters, Cabin filters, oil filters, fuel filters and transmission filters. All filters adopt domestic and foreign high quality filter material. We now produce and supply more than 5000 kinds of filters covering automobile applications, Engineering & Agricultural equipment, Home appliance etc.

. IATF16949 certification

.R & D center with 50 engineers and the latest production equipment

.Experts in engine, filtration materials and other fields to inspect product development

. In-house filtration test in accordance with a variety of ISO or SEA standard and prepare for national laboratoryand

CNAS laboratory certification

.Fast new items development

. Complete product range for each product lines

. Experienced and professional R&D team for after sales service backup

Cartek has been committed to providing the best value for our global customers, to providing the most advanced and

high-quality products and services at the best cost to our customers all over the world.



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Email: sales@cartekcn.com

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