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About us

Founded in 2001 , Cartek Filter factory is located in Leling Economic and technological development zone, Shandong province, China. It covers an area of 35,000 square meters and has 200 employees. With a modern plant of 20,000 square meters, the annual production capacity of 26 million.

Cartek can produce more than 2000 varieties of filters including air filters, cabin filters, oil filters, fuel filters and filter elements for Automotive vehicles, Farming Vehicles, Equipment and Home Appliances and so on, using domestic high quality filter materials, and Korea, Germany imported filter Materials.

In 2004, we got ISO9001 certificate

In 2006, we obtained TS16949 certificate

Our company is the OES of FAW in China . In the domestic large&medium-sized cities set up offices, domestic market share up to 10%.  More than 60% of products are exported to more than 200 customers all around the world including Europe, American, Austrialia, Russia, South America, the Middle East, Africa and other countries and regions based on good quality,competitive prices and better service.



Tel: +86 (0)531 69950928

Email: sales@cartekcn.com

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